The academic session of the school begins in April and ends in March. The medium of instruction and that of communication in the campus is English. Special care is taken in the teaching of English at different levels, emphasizing the interactive skills of the students in the language. Hindi is tough as second language. Sanskrit, Urdu and Bengali are taught as an optional language. For Class XI, Arts, Science and Commerce Streams are available.


The aim of the school is to bring all round formation of the each student as sound in moral, Intellectual and physical education. The students are helped to understand, appreciate and live their faith and every student receives training in habits of study, discipline, self reliance and moral values so as to become a worthy citizen ofour country.

This system is based on conviction, prevention of faults, correction, loving kindness and fear of God.

Therefore we are committed to lead the children to a holistic development. The real inspiration comes from Jesus through Bible.

The people whom sat is darkness saw great light and to them which sat in region and shadow of death light is sprung up” (Mt. 4:16)


It has been designed on two term assessment basis for classes I to VIII. One term for 100 marks and in that 20 marks periodic assessment and 80 marks for half yearly exam in the first term end and yearly exam in second term end. The periodic assessment consists of periodic test for 10 marks note book submission for 5 marks and subject enrichment activity for 5 marks and subject enrichment activity for 5 marks. Co-curricular are graded in (a) work education (b) Art education (c) Health and Physical education. The subject will also be assessed forthe discipline which will be based on the factors like attendance, sincerity, behavior, values, tidiness, respectfullness for rules and regulations attitude towards society, nation and others. For class IX three peirodic tests will be taken and weightage of best two out of three periodic test to be considered for promotion. For Class XI, the promotion of the next higher class shall be decided on the basis of the cumulative results of mid term exam and annual exam and annual examination.


The school had its own infrastructure, a well set-up campus with enclosed playground with beautiful garden. Morning assembly starts with prayer and students are encouraged to deliver speeches on various topics. Daily news is read by students in turn.