The school has a well stacked library with enough books. This school provides sufficient number of carefully chosen books on all subjects related to Science, Social Studies, Maths, Computer and General knowledge books in different language of English and Hindi. The literature books of language like English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Urdu and Bengali are also available in the Libaray.

The Students are encouraged not only to read the books and also encouraged to read periodicals. Newspapers, Magazines, Journals etc. These all provided to increase the reading habit and to have upto date knowledge and information. The students are encourages to borrow books and allotted Library period in the school routine from Class I onwards.


This school has efficient and well equipped laboratory with different kinds of equipments. Microscope and Chemicals etc.

The concerned subject teachers of Science and Maths are giving guidelines and do practicals.


Keeping in mind to give stress free education and every effort is made to impart information technology training to the students. The Digital learning system ensures that students cheerfully participate and understand the concepts very easily & promptly.

It fulfills the curiosity of the children. It helps the children gain latest knowledge in the computers. The digital learning classes are available for each and every class.


The school offers training in physical activities to promote and for the enrichment of hidden talents. Physical education is on the curricular while special coaching is held during the games period in games like Football, Volleyball, Handball, Badminton, Chess, Table Tennis, Kho-kho, Kabaddi & Athletics, Takendo, PT and YOGAare practiced in the school as well.

The school takes lot of interest and effort to bring out all round development of students, supplementary education in an organized manner in imparted through indoor and outdoor games. Various activities like cultural programmes, debate, quiz, fancy dress, literary activities etc. We are arranged for the students in different occasions to bring out the hidden talents to encourage the spirit of teamwork, leadership and also develop inborn qualities.


Seperate hostel facility is available for both boys and girls. The hostel provides well nourished, healthy and highly hygienic food with filtered water. The students are supervised with hostel superintendents, wardens and medical supervisors. Apart from the teaching schedule of the school, there are supervised study period in morning and night. The students are permitted to contact their parents by phone on Saturday evening and Sundays. Every second Saturday is visitor’s day for them. Only four long vacations are available forthem.

1 Summer Vacation in the month of June/July - 30 days
2 Puja Vacation in the month of October/November - 12 days
3 WinterVacation in the month of December/January - 10days
4 Session Break in the month of March - 10 days
The guardians /parents are required to get their children personally on the eve of vacations. In case they are unable to come presonally they must send their representatives with proper authority letters duly signed by them.

Physics Lab

mathematics Lab

Computer Lab

Composite Lab

Chemistry Lab

Biology Lab